Robyn E. Parker

Professor of Business

BA, SUNY-Oswego; EdM, Boston University; PhD, Wayne State University

About Professor Parker

Dr. Robyn Parker joined the Plymouth State University faculty in January 2010 and was named Dean of the College of Business Administration in July 2015. With more than 25 years of experience in higher education, Dr. Parker has an earned doctorate in Organizational Communication from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and a master’s degree in Human Resource Development from Boston University. Her consulting work specializes in conducting needs assessments and designing interventions to improve organizational performance.

An active scholar, Parker’s research focuses on the relational effects of technology use in virtual work and educational settings. She has received grant funding in support of her work from both FIPSE and the Ohio Learning Network. Her book, Redesigning Courses for Online Delivery, was part of the book series: Cutting-edge Technology in Higher Education, published by Emerald Insight in 2013. She’s presently collaborating on a version of her technology based peer review system designed to facilitate collaboration within student and professional teams. Grant-funded and released in the fall of 2015, Team GPA is an example of successful interdisciplinary research resulting in the development of an innovative product that addresses an established need.

Parker sees this as an exciting time to be at Plymouth State. “Teaching and learning are transformative processes, so I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help bring about strategic clusters and open labs at PSU. It’s an interesting challenge! Working together, with all parts of our PSU community, we are determining our future.” Parker said. “Integrating curricular, co-curricular, and real life experiences deepens student learning and makes the PSU experience unique.”

Recent publications/presentations/exhibitions

  • Parker, R. E. & Child, J. (2012, November). The role of message sources on     employee-reported awareness and interest in health promotion programs at work. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication   Association. Orlando, Florida.
  • Parker, R. E. & Coykendell, S. (2012, June). Rate Your Mate: A peer review process    that facilitates and assesses collaboration in student groups. Program presented at the Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching & Learning. Bethesda, Maryland.
  • Parker, R. E. & Ingram, A. (2011). Considerations in choosing online    collaboration systems: functions, uses, & effects. Research Journal of the Center for Educational Technology, 7(1), 2-15.
  • Parker, R. E. & Haridakis, P. (2008). Development of an Organizational     Identification Scale: Integrating Cognitive and Communicative           Conceptualizations. Journal of Communication Studies, 1(3-4), 105-126.
  • Parker, R. E. & Bianchi, A. (2008). Exploring student and faculty perceptions of technology in education. Education, Technology & Society, 11(2), 274-      293.    

Awards or recognition

  • Three time recipient of the Graduate Applause Award, from the University       Teaching Council at Kent State University in October 2003, October 2005, and November 2007.
  • Recipient of Top Paper Panel Award for research at the National Communication Association (Human Technology Division and Applied Research Division) in November 2007. Top Paper Panel Award for research at the Central States Communication Association (Organizational Communication Division) in March 2007.

Courses Taught:


  • BU-2290: Organizational Communications
  • BU-3420: Organizational Behavior


  • BU-5110: Managing Organizational Behavior
  • BU-5240: Seminar in Organizational Communication