Ryanne Carmichael

Associate Professor of Exercise and Sport Physiology

BA, Lehigh University; MS, Bridgewater State University; PhD, Springfield College
Email: rcarmichael@plymouth.edu

About Ryanne Carmichael

Ryanne Carmichael holds a doctorate degree in Exercise Physiology from Springfield College. Her research interests include performance enhancement in endurance sports like triathlon, cycling, and cyclocross. Dr. Carmichael’s research interests developed not only through study in exercise physiology, but also through her experience as a practitioner; she competes in and coaches endurance sports. She hopes her research exploring performance issues specific to endurance sports will inspire and engage her students to begin to investigate areas of their own interest within the field of Exercise Science. 

At PSU, Dr. Carmichael coordinates the Exercise and Sport Physiology program in Health and Human Performance ~ the Health and Human Enrichment Cluster.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Carmichael, R. D., Heikkinen, D. J., Mullin, E. M., & McCall, N. R. (2017). Physiological response to cyclocross racing. Sports and Exercise Medicine, 3(3), 74-80. 

Carmichael, R.D., & Greenberg, J.B. (2016). Female endurance racing: The case for equality. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 38(4), 75-79. 

Carmichael, R.D., Heikkinen, D. J., & Mertens, E. (2015). Impact of cycling intensity on cycle run transition. Journal of Science and Cycling, 4(1), 14-20. 

Carmichael, R. D. (2018). Sex differences in endurance sports: A closer look at the (narrowing) performance gap. New England American College of Sports Medicine Conference, Providence, RI.  

Carmichael, R.D. (2014). High intensity training for endurance athletes. New Hampshire National Strength and Conditioning Association State Clinic, Plymouth, NH. 

Carmichael, R.D. (2014). It’s too hard. Why women don’t race the same distances as men. Northeast National Strength and Conditioning Association Conference, Fitchburg, MA. 

Carmichael, R. (2011). Training the female athlete. National Strength and Conditioning Association Northeast Conference, Westfield, MA. 

Courses Taught

PE 3890/3895 Exercise Testing and Laboratory

PE 4820/4825 Advanced Exercise Physiology and Laboratory

PE 4840 Research Methods in Exercise Science

PE 4830 Applied Research in Exercise Science