Scott Coykendall

Associate Professor of Professional Writing

BA, Missouri Western State College; MFA, Bowling Green State University

Hyde Room 418C

About Professor Coykendall

Scott Coykendall studies Technical Communication and small-group communication and collaboration. Specifically, he is interested in how teams of colleagues establish and work toward common goals. His most recent work has involved co-developing a web-application that allows collaborative teams to establish and approve common goals and then periodically evaluate each others’ contributions toward achieving those goals. He is currently the Curriculum & Student Engagement Officer for the Arts & Technologies Cluster and the chair of the University Curriculum Committee.

Prior to his academic career, Professor Coykendall worked in the software industry as a Senior Technical Writer. His work was recognized on multiple occasions by the Society for Technical Communication who awarded him the International Award of Excellence, the International Award of Merit, the Distinguished Technical Communication Award, and several Awards of Excellence at the regional level.  He also worked in the journalism and public relations fields.

At Plymouth State University, Coykendall was awarded the 2018 Distinguished Service Award. Earlier, the student body recognized him with the 2014 Distinguished Advising Award.

Courses Taught

CM 2000 Studies in Communication & Media
CM 2910 Human Communication & Conflict
CM 3090 Technical Communication
CM 3670 Journalism
CM 3910 Topics in Film and Media
CM 4090 Advanced Technical Communication
CM 4910 Senior Seminar