Soo M. Jang

Professor of Economics

BA, MA, Seoul National University; MBA, University of Hawaii; PhD, University of Cincinnati

About Professor Jang

Professor Jang earned his MBA in Operation Research from University of Hawaii on fellowship after studying at both NYU andUniversity of Hawaii. He earned his PhD in economics from University of Cincinnati on fellowship and teaching assistantship with major in Monetary Economics and  minors in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics.

Professor Jang taught graduate economic courses to PhD students in economics for several years and also directed many PhD dissertations in economics at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. He traveled extensively through the United States during intersessions on fellowship.

In addition, professor Jang earned Graduate Degree in Banking from Southern Graduate School of Banking, SMU, Dallas, Texas after spending three summers at SMU.

Selected Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions

  • Portfolio Optimization Model for Small Banks and others in economics
  • Attended Eastern Economic Association Conference (EEA) for more than 20 years, presented/  chaired many sessions in the past and also at other conferences

Awards or Recognition

  • Two year fellowship for MBA, University of Hawaii
  • Fellowship and Teaching assistantship for PhD in economics, University of Cincinnati
  • On General Electric Company fellowship, participated in a summer seminar at the Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago as faculty of the Catholic University of America, Eugene Fama, and Mylon Scholes were some of the participants at the seminar

Courses Taught

EC-2550: Macroeconomics
EC-3510: Intermediate Macroeconomics
EC-4460: Money & Banking
EC-4610: International Finance & Economic Policy
BU-5210: Economic Analysis
BU-5460: Money & Banking