Steven E. Habermann

Teaching Lecturer, Mathematics

BS, Michigan State University; MS, Iowa State University; MBA, Bentley College

Office: Hyde Hall 308
Phone: (603) 535-2173

Office hours:
Not teaching Spring 2021

About Professor Habermann

Steve Habermann joined the Math Department in Fall 2017. He spent 25 years as a mechanical engineer, software engineer, and project manager in a wide range of industries.  He helped design and test the Galileo probe to explore Jupiter, developed one of the first completely automated equity-trading optimizers, and managed the operations of the largest database marketing system in the U.S. (at the time).  He keeps himself busy by teaching, sailing in the Caribbean, and building his own house.

Courses Taught

CSDI 2100    Exploring Tech Innovation
MADI 2100   How Engineers Build Our World
MA 2300      Statistics I