Timothy M. Landry

Teaching Lecturer, Criminal Justice
BA, Columbia College, Columbia University; JD, Franklin Pierce Law Center
Email: tmlandry@plymouth.edu

Office: Hyde Hall 330
Phone: (603) 535-3091

Spring office hours: Tuesday & Thursday 11:30am – 12:30pm  or by appointment

About Professor Landry

Attorney Landry joined PSU as a teaching lecturer in the Criminal Justice Department in 2017. He has been a criminal defense attorney for more than twenty-four years. He graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and obtained his Juris Doctorate from Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1992. He started his 24-year long career as a criminal defense attorney working for future N.H. Supreme Court Justice James Duggan at the New Hampshire Appellate Defender. There he briefed and argued approximately 20 criminal appeals to the N.H. Supreme Court. In his first year of practice there, Attorney Landry won reversals in several important cases affecting the rights of criminal defendants. In State of NH v. Blackey, the Court reversed Ms. Blackey’s misdemeanor assault conviction and established precedent limiting the prosecution’s use of prejudicial “prior bad acts” evidence against defendants in criminal cases. Attorney Landry won a reversal in the case of State of N.H. v. Wade, which limited the use of prejudicial medical hearsay against defendants in child sexual assault cases. In State of NH v. Sharon, Attorney Landry persuaded the N.H. Supreme Court that the State had failed to prove that Mr. Sharon was anything worse than an “irresponsible member of the business community” and the Court reversed Mr. Sharon’s felony theft conviction. Following his tenure at the Appellate Defender, Attorney Landry worked as a trial attorney for the New Hampshire Public Defender for the next 23 years. There he conducted the defense for indigent criminal defendants in over 4000 criminal cases. This included his role as sole or lead counsel in over 100 jury trials. Most of these involved felonies, including murder, manslaughter, aggravated felonious sexual assault and first degree assault. He has represented homicide defendants in five different Superior Courts and in the NH Supreme Court.  As a senior attorney at the Public Defender, for many years he mentored the Program’s young trial attorneys.

Courses Taught:

CJ 2040      Criminal Adjudication
CJDI 1020  The Individual & The Law