Wendy J. Palmquist

Professor of Psychology; 2007 Award for Excellence in Faculty Service; 2006 Distinguished Teaching Award

B.A., Pomona College; Ph.D., Cornell University
Email: palm@plymouth.edu
Homepage: http://oz.plymouth.edu/~palm/

Office: 404 Hyde Hall
Phone: (603) 535-2527

My areas of interest are in adolescent development, the psychology of women, gay and lesbian studies, and curriculum development for first year students. Outside of the professional, I hike, camp, listen to a wide variety of music, read mysteries, play with my cats (too numerous to count), and am a part-time computer geek.

Courses taught:

IS 1111: First-Year Seminar
PS 3100: Adolescent Psychology
PS 3150: Research Methods
PS 3200: Psychology of Women


Palmquist, W. J., & Shelton, L. G. (1991). Teaching adolescent development. Journal of Early Adolescent Development, 11,152-171.

Palmquist, W. J. (1979). Formal operational reasoning and the primacy effect in impression formation. Developmental Psychology, 15, 185-189.

Hill, J. P., & Palmquist, W. J. (1978). Social cognition and social relations in early adolescence. International Journal of Behavioural Development, 1, 1-36.