One Page Checklist

First Year Experience

Tips from Students about Getting Ready:


Until May:

  1. Get in touch with other PSU first years on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  2. Attend an accepted students day
  3. Log into your email account, sync it to your phone, and check it regularly.
  4. Take placement exams language and math before beginning any course planning.
  5. Look at the classes we offer, begin to check out what you can and should take.
  6. Check out the clubs and orgs we offer. Or, think about creating one of your own!
  7. For general questions, please e-mail or call Barbara LaJeunesse, at the office of First Year Experience at (603)-535-3065.


International Students:

Due May 30:


  • Attend a new student orientation: * dates/ website needed + list of why it’s good to attend
  • Have Directions on hand- 17 High Street. Plymouth, NH 03264
  • Log onto your Moodle page, MyPlymouth, and email successfully
  • Play around on Degree Works, Moodle and your MyPlymouth to see all that they have to offer
  • Learn about Plymouth’s internet
  • Top numbers to put in your phone
  • Read First Year Seminar Descriptions and choose your first five choices.
  • Look at your Degree Requirements  by navigating through the website
  • Review the type and location of PSU’s residence halls. Pick your preference, you will be asked your top picks in ____.*
  • Review your dining hall options, the hours of operation, and other places to eat on campus. Meal Plans Dining Services


Due June 30:


  • Submit your housing and dining requests (directions to do so?)** Due date
  • Where else can you eat in Plymouth? Click here.
  • Complete the Health Questionnaire and ___*___ . No immunizations are required, though we ask that a copy of the vaccination record be submitted. Hepatitis B and Meningococcal vaccine, Varicella dn Human Papillomavirus vaccine are strongly recommended.
  • Planning to play a sport? Contact your coach to see  the athletics department requirements

International Students: ***


Due July 30:


Get Connected:



  • Fall Course Registration Ends _____
  • Submit your final high school or college transcripts to the Admissions Office
  • Apply for credit for college-level courses taken elsewhere
  • Send Advance Placement or Higher Level International exam scores to the Registrar’s office
  • Identify books needed for courses and start to order them. PSU’s bookstore



  • Pay tuition bills by ______**
  • Review and confirm financial aid


Health Services:

  • If you have insurance, submit Health Insurance Waiver and Enrollment Form**
  • If you don’t have health insurance, learn more about health insurance and plan options.**



July ___: Transfer Students Day?

July ___: Course Registration Deadline?

August___: First tuition payment due


  • Panther Days Update:
  • Become familiar with the alcohol policy and drug policy on campus
  • Don’t forget to check your email regularly


Due August 25:


This month, you’ll have the opportunity to attend special first-year events, move into your new PSU residence hall, and participate in New Student Orientation activities.


Are you ready to come to campus?

  • Make sure you’ve gone over the previous month’s task lists
  • Consider this packing List
  • Refer here for quick info, including information about your academic advisor.


Pre- Orientation Program:


  • Panther Days:
  • *quick explaination on what it is*
  • * link to the schedule*
  • PSU’s Orientation Leaders
  • Will help you adjust to PSU and answer any questions you may have.
  •  * link to the schedule **





  • Is there a shuttle that can bring me places? Yes, multiple stops around campus and to walmart* insert link for 2016-2017 route/ times



Welcome to Campus:

Once you move in be sure to…

  • Don’t worry about unpacking until later.
  • Pick up your ID and room key in _____*
  • Connect all your technology to the PSU internet
  • Locate your mailbox suite  in the HUB
  • Take a tour of the campus and begin finding your way around:Map of PSU
  • Everyone’s in the same situation as you, be confident and meet new people!
  • Welcome to your new home, Panther.