The Pale Fox, Yapilou: The Art of the Dogon Smith

Dogon art is primarily a sculptural expression, largely figurative in subject matter. The themes are based on religious subjects and cultural attributes. Interestingly, such works are kept in the privacy of family homes, largely in secret. Perhaps this is due to the symbolic and ceremonial nature of the work. The Dogon learned early on to work with iron, which adds a complex medium to the strength of the artists’ vision. This exhibition, “The Pale Fox, Yapilou: The Art of the Dogon Smith” is a selection of Dogon art objects made of iron, wood and clay that Professor Hans Guggenheim acquired on his study missions to Mali. These beautiful and fascinating art objects are on display in the Karl Drerup Art Gallery to coincide with Professor Guggenheim’s lecture on the Dogon culture, Tuesday, May 7 at 7pm in Silver Center for the Arts.

Exhibit: May 7 – May 17 in the Karl Drerup Art Gallery, D&M
Lecture: May 7 at 7pm in Smith Recital Hall, Silver Center for the Arts

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