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Viewpoints, Imperial Beach, CA

Ruth Wallen’s temporary interactive nature walk at the Tijuana River Estuary Visitor Center (located proximate to the U.S./Mexican border) poses questions instead of providing answers. Twelve viewpoints probe how nature is framed, including a viewing scope that may frame or distort the view and a thought provoking question that relates to the human as well as natural environment. Question: How might aquatic habitats change when the river no longer flows to the sea? What life forms perish when a boundary no longer permits exchange?

Children’s Forest Nature Walk, CA

This interpretive signage is comprised of digital composites of drawings and stories generated from workshops the artist conducted with interested youth, and was placed along an interpretive trail of the youths’ design.

Photo credit: Ruth Wallen, “Viewpoints” and “Children’s Forest Nature Walk.” Permission of the artist from

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