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The Integrated Cluster approach prepares students to be 21st century marketplace standouts and builds real-world collaborations between the University, industry, and communities. Among PSU’s high-level priorities are recruiting and retaining top students, particularly those who are committed to active lifestyles. At the core—the heart—of each cluster is the critical need for Open Laboratories: transformational spaces for students and faculty to engage with businesses and communities and apply their classroom experiences to solve challenging problems. For the Health and Human Enrichment (HHE) cluster, the Open Lab is the AllWell Complex on the Holderness Campus. The University plans to build new and upgrade current facilities to integrate academics, athletics, and outreach.

This exciting strategic initiative lets us maximize the benefit of PSU’s splendid natural resources. The new, world-class facilities will enable students to develop their academic and athletic prowess, while linking outdoors, indoors, tourism, health care, sports, hands-on learning, and regional economic growth. Thanks to the New Hampshire State Legislature, Plymouth State will receive $3 million toward the construction of this Open Lab. —Don Birx, President, Plymouth State University
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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. —Nelson Mandela

It gives people a chance to succeed. It improves the quality of a person’s mind and character. It offers hope. It paves a pathway out of poverty and into a life committed to active, engaged citizenship. Over a lifetime, a bachelor’s degree offers on average $1.66 million more in earnings than without academic credentials (College Board, 2017).

These transformations are especially true for Plymouth State University students: 43% are first-generation—those who are the first in their families to attend college—and 39% are low income—those whose families live at or below the poverty line.

Yet a college education offers more than hope for an individual student. Those who earn a bachelor’s degree change the world with humankind’s highest achievements—from the building of skyscrapers to traveling in space to curing diseases. These marvels of modern life were once mere ideas. Colleges and universities helped students to dream things that did not exist and gave them the courage of their own convictions to turn those blueprints of ideas into concrete reality.

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For additional information about supporting these important initiatives through a philanthropic investment or bequest, please contact Vice President of University Advancement Paula Lee Hobson, phobson@plymouth.edu, (603) 535-2901 or Director of Development John Scheinman, jscheinman@plymouth.edu, (603) 535-2805.