Electromechanical Technology and Robotics Lab

The University’s new major, Electromechanical Technology and Robotics (EMTR), combines traditional academic learning, hands-on experiences, and a mastery in the computing and programming fields.

Our EMTR Program and (future) Lab will provide an excellent opportunity for Plymouth State University to innovate and lead the way regionally in this emerging field while meeting New Hampshire’s workforce needs.

Graduates of the EMTR program will be qualified for in-demand jobs such as robot software engineers, robot systems engineers, and other highly rewarding positions. Industry estimates indicate that close to 15 million new jobs will be created in the US over the next decade as a direct result of automation and artificial intelligence, equivalent to 10 percent of the workforce.

We need your philanthropic support to make this a reality for our students and region to re-imagine and renovate the top of the Draper & Maynard Building with the appropriate technology and equipment. Naming opportunities starting at $5,000 as well as a donor recognition wall for all donors.