Memorial & Tribute Gift Opportunities

There are times when we want to honor someone in a way that goes beyond our day‐to‐day memories and carries our regard forward in a lasting and timeless way. There are ways to commemorate your loved one on Plymouth State’s Campus. Trees or benches that provide shelter and comfort in a meaningful setting are two examples.

Engraved Granite Bench  
New Tree with Marker Existing
Tree with Marker

Endowed Named Scholarship

An endowed scholarship, named for the donor or a person you wish to honor, provides funding into perpetuity. With a minimum $25,000 gift, endowed scholarships provide a 3% to 4% annual payout while the principal and any additional return is reinvested to generate annual scholarship awards forever.

Annual Named Scholarship

Beyond financial relief, the emotional impact of scholarship support is profound, easing intense pressure and enabling students to focus on their studies and enhance their ability to succeed. An annual scholarship begins with at least $1,500 in annual support for a period of five years, or a pledge of $7,500.