Faculty Advisor

Dr. Barbara Lopez-Mayhew

Barbara Lopez-Mayhew holds a Ph.D., Spanish literature from Boston College; an M.A., Spanish literature and linguistics from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst; and a B.A. , Spanish literature, linguistics and secondary education from the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. While a graduate student at Middlebury Spanish Language School, she studied from September 1986 to April 1987 at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. She is multilingual and has travelled throughout the US and internationally to Scotland, Ireland, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Canada, China, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile.

She is an advisor for Spanish majors and minors and was the Coordinator for the M.Ed. Modern Languages Educator programs (for French and Spanish). She served as Chair of the Department of Languages & Linguistics for nine and one-half years.

A dual citizen of Spain and the US, Dr. Lopez-Mayhew has extensive experience in travel, international initiatives, leading and teaching student groups abroad, study abroad and exchanges, for example:
2012 Chinese Bridge Delegation, a one-week educational program in China with 40 U.S. K-12 and
Higher Education administrators and faculty, November, 2012.

2 delegations to Chile with the University System of New Hampshire Study Abroad Directors,
Administrators and Faculty

3-week trip to Italy (January 2010) – collaborated with Music and Voice Professors teaching
32 students.

13-day teacher-led student trip to Spain “La Ruta de Don Quijote” summer 2005

Member of Plymouth State Delegation visiting the University of Babes-Bolyai in Romania June 2004

International on-site visits, class observations, and consultation with staff members, faculty,
study abroad directors, and university administration, with subsequent advising for
study abroad/exchange opportunities in Chile, Argentina, Italy, Spain, and Mexico.

Dr. Lopez-Mayhew is also the author of numerous publications.

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Recent Testimonials

Courtney Webb, East Middlebury VT

I felt it was a unique experience and the opportunity of a lifetime. I felt that this program would help me create a close bond with other students. I wanted to learn a new culture and compare it to the American culture.  I knew this opportunity is very unique for freshman entering their first semester of college.