French Courses

FR 5910 French Independent Study - 1-3 graduate credits
A course of study to round out the student's background through systematic reading, intensive and extensive, to supplement course work in the field. Selection of a reading list or a special project under faculty supervision. Consent of an appropriate faculty supervisor, department chair and Associate Vice President is required.

FR 5960 French Language Teaching Internship - 1-9 graduate credits
Candidates must have completed early field-based experiences and all coursework for certification, including any required undergraduate competencies, before taking this course. This culminating field-based K-12 teaching experience for modern language programs leads to teacher certification. The 9-credit internship is continuous and full-time (five days per week) during which, after a period of structured observation, the intern gradually assumes responsibility for a full range of teaching activities encountered in a school situation, thereby demonstrating the appropriate professional skills and attitudes essential for successful modern language teaching at the K-12 levels. In the 6-credit internship, interns will maintain and improve upon the full range of teaching activities they practice every day at the elementary/middle level. Both internships provide an opportunity for demonstrating the appropriate professional skills, attitudes, and dispositions essential for successful teaching. The internship is conducted under the supervisory guidance of school mentors and a university supervisor. A blended seminar (online and face-to-face) complements the experience. All interns who will be required to take Praxis II World Languages (French Content) must make arrangements for that testing independently and have their scores sent to the Office of Educator Preparation. Certification interns who are not pursuing the MEd must have submitted passing scores of the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests before enrolling.

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