Social Studies Education Courses

SSE 5010 Issues in Social Studies - 3 graduate credits
Students will examine and apply common connections between multicultural and global education, needed to be successful in a culturally diverse society. The focus will be on developing global citizens through understanding underlying values and communication styles of cultural groups as well as on the interconnectedness of all individuals and groups and to understand how to develop interculturally competent global citizens.

SSE 5020 Technology in Social Studies - 3 graduate credits
To utilize new technologies effectively, teachers need proficient training in technology and to be versed in the effective integration of technology into their instruction. Students will develop projects to demonstrate how to best leverage technology to support pedagogical approaches in the social studies classroom.

SSE 5030 Advanced Pedagogy in Social Studies - 3 graduate credits
Addresses the challenges facing social studies educators in the 21st century with focus on advanced curriculum design and methods such as: facilitating classroom discussions, concept formation, classroom simulations, authentic intellectual work and social studies literacy. Special attention is given to design principles for instruction and the development of multiple forms of assessment.

SSE 5040 Social Studies Theory and Research - 3 graduate credits
Focuses on current research in the field of social studies education. Particular attention will be given to research methodologies used by leading scholars in social studies education through critical review of exemplary research. Students will develop annotated bibliographies to produce a literature review and theoretical framework for future research.

SSE 5960 Social Studies Education Internship - 1-12 graduate credits
As their capstone experience in Social Studies Education, students will gradually take on classroom responsibilities and assume full responsibility for classes. Requirements for the semester include: an Impact on Student Learning action research project, supervisor visits and evaluations, ongoing reflections, portfolio development, development of lesson plans and instructional materials and unit plan that demonstrate the skills and dispositions appropriate for a beginning teacher. Students must have all course work for the degree completed before taking this course.

SSE 6010 Guided Inquiry in Social Studies - 3 graduate credits
Formally and systematically, students investigate the questions, interests, concerns, problems, and challenges in the production of a Masters Thesis. During the course, the student will prepare the questions, rationale, methods, findings, and implications of the study. At the end, students will develop a proposal for their individual study.

SSE 6800 Social Studies Thesis - 3 graduate credits
Guides the student through the production of a Masters Thesis. During the course, the student will finalize a draft of the thesis comprised of questions, rationale, methods, findings, and implications of the study. Prepares students to defend their thesis.

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