General Management

The MBA in General Management is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of business concepts from different areas of the business world. Working with faculty members who have real-world experience in business, industry, and government, you can tailor your program by selecting from a wide variety of business and business-related electives.

The program can be completed entirely online or in combination with face-to-face classes in Plymouth and Concord and weekend, intensive executive-education style seminars in Waterville Valley.

Earn a graduate certificate with the MBA or separately, which is a great professional development option! See details below.

  • Cornerstone Courses* – 6 credits
  • 3
    Professionals refer to accounting reports and consult with accountants for the information they need to make strategic financial decisions for their organizations. Understanding the accounting cycle and interpreting financial statements is essential in assessing the viability of projects and making investment decisions. Students will strengthen their financial decision making skills so as to articulate their position on investment decisions.
  • 3
    Managers must understand organizational structures, process and culture while developing a strategic view of organizational performance. Opportunity and risk must be evaluated. Operations must align with strategic goals. Using the case study method, students confront real world challenges. Decision-making, communication, and leadership skills are strengthened in this cornerstone course while students begin their own leadership journey. Prerequisite: BU 5070.
  • Functional Core Courses – 24 credits
  • 3
    A review of theory and research findings in the field of organizational behavior, with emphasis on applications by practicing managers. Topics to be covered include perception, motivation, leadership, communication, group dynamics, conflict management and organization theory. Pedagogical techniques include case analysis, presentations, role plays and other experiential activities. Prerequisite: Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Business Ethics, Business Policies, and Legal Environment.
  • 3
    A complete corporate financial management course. Content covers the classic areas of valuation, capital structure and budgeting as well as more specialized financial topics. Online version incorporates online course materials and exercises. Prerequisite: BU 5190 and Common Professional Component (CPC) competency in Business Finance.
  • 3
    Budgetary accounting and cost accounting including profit planning and control systems, budget process, cost systems, and their managerial applications. Prerequisite: Common Professional Component (CPC) competency in Accounting.
  • 3
    Today's business climate demands managers who can make decisions involving the best use of an organization's scarce resources under conditions that change rapidly. This course demonstrates the power of problem-solving insights and uses a cross-functional approach. Topics to be covered include strategic pricing using game theory, forecasting techniques and demand estimation, cost analysis, linear programming and optimization under various market structures. Prerequisites: Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Economics and Quantitative/Statistics.
  • 3
    A basic understanding of legal problems is expanded, analytical ability is developed, and an awareness of the presence of legal problems that surround the businessperson is explored. Freedom of choice, taxation, stockholder status, acquisitions and divisions, antitrust, employment, administrative law, and bankruptcy are covered as time allows. Prerequisite: Common Professional Component (CPC) competency in Legal Environment.
  • 3
    Examination of the nature and structure of decision-making in the midst of uncertainty. Formal techniques for measurement of risks and rewards are applied to case studies based chiefly on production systems. Concludes with a survey of current techniques for operations analysis, planning and control. Prerequisites: Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Management and Quantitative/Statistics.
  • 3
    The objective of this course is to help students develop a broad understanding of marketing techniques, strategies and tactics employed by the marketing manager. This course will cover the use of the 'marketing mix' elements as they pertain to the planning and implementation of the marketing plan. Prerequisites: Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Management and Marketing.
  • 3
    From a decision-makers point of view, students will participate in a seminar involving middle and upper-level managerial responsibilities, as well as discussions concerning 'state-of-the-art' methodologies appropriate to all levels of management. Case studies and group projects will be combined with informal lectures and discussions involving such areas as strategic planning, action planning techniques, policy-making, managerial ethics, decision-making methods, control systems and the integration of all resources for optimum performance. Prerequisites: BU 5190, BU 5120, BU 5210 and Common Professional Component (CPC) competency in Economics.
    • Business Electives – 6 credits

The business elective requirement may be satisfied using traditional coursework, independent studies, Master’s Research Projects or approved partnership programs.

  • Total for MBA in General Management – 30-36 credits

*Students possessing an undergraduate degree in business may have the option to waive the Cornerstone courses after an assessment of their undergraduate coursework and grades by the Admissions Review Board.

Four graduate certificate programs have been developed for students to focus their studies in a particular area of the business environment. The certificates consist of a minimum of 12 credits, and can be pursued as a post-baccalaureate certificate, or in addition to an MBA degree. Choose from the following options:

In partnership with our Social Science department we are now able to count credits earned in the Hospitality and Tourism Management certificate towards your MBA. To learn more contact program coordinator, Mark Okrant at or Patrick May at 603-535-2335.

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