School Psychology Course Planning Matrix

Course Number(s) Course Title Terms Offered
CO 5040 Social Behavior and Diversity Fall, Spring, Summer
CO 5050 Advanced Human Development Winter, Summer
CO 5070 Research Design for the Professions Fall, Winter, Spring
ED 5060 Theories of Learning and Cognitive Development Spring, Summer
CO 5260 Theories of Counseling and Personality Fall, Summer
CO 5130 Psychopharmacology and the Biological Basis of Mental Health Spring, Summer
SE 5600 Language and Learning Diabilities Winter, Spring, Summer
CO 5300 Foundations and Multi-Cultural Aspects of Parenting Spring
SY 6010 Foundations of School Psychology Fall
CO 5020 Counseling Skills Fall, Spring, Summer (even yrs)
SE 5400 Classroom Intervention and Special Education Strategies Spring, Summer
CO 5770 Psychopathology: Disorders of Childhood, Adolescence, and Adulthood Fall, Summer (even yrs)
CO 5780 Counseling Youth Spring, Summer
SY 6200 Behavioral Assessment, Analysis, and Intervention Spring
SY 6300 Social/Emotional/Behavioral Assessment Spring
SY 6400 Administering Individual Intelligence Tests Fall
SY 6500 Educational Testing and Consultation Winter
SY 6700 Practicum I: Assessment, Intervention, and Consultation Winter
SY 6710 Practicum II: Integration and Case Studies Spring
SY 6800 School Psychology Internship and Seminar Fall, Winter, Spring

Please note that scheduling information is subject to change.

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