Center for School Success

Plymouth State has partnered with the Center for School Success (CSS) to create graduate programs focusing in the Neurodevelopmental Approach to Teaching. The Center for School Success (CSS) is a non-profit organization that helps struggling students achieve measurable success in school and in life. Located in West Lebanon, NH, CSS is the only community-based, educational resource of its type in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Candidates seeking either the MEd in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in the Neurodevelopment Approach to Teaching or the CAGS in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Neurodevelopmental Approach to Teaching will be able to use recent brain-based research to inform their teaching practice—in particular how to identify, respond to, and manage students with learning differences. Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of themselves as learners and how they can best capitalize on their own strengths, experiences, and expertise in order to become more effective teachers. Candidates will also use their understanding of the neurodevelopmental systems to provide specific instructional strategies to promote self-advocacy and school success.

Another option for students is a 14-credit Neurodevelopmental Approach to Teaching Certificate program.


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