Financial Aid for Graduate Programs

There are many options to pay for graduate school, such as applying for federal loans, tuition management services, scholarships and grants, or becoming a graduate assistant. Federal loans, administered for the PSU Financial Aid Team, are intended to assist qualified students who are unable to meet their entire PSU Graduate educational expenses with their own resources. To be eligible for federal loans you must be fully accepted into a graduate degree program the term prior to enrolling in graduate courses. Additionally, your enrollment status must be as least half-time (3 credit hours) each term.

Due to the Budget Control Act of 2011, beginning with the 2012-2013 aid year, graduate students will be eligible for Title IV unsubsidized Federal Direct loan funds only.

Visit Plymouth State’s Graduate Financial Aid website for step-by-step instructions on the financial aid process and how to apply for federal loans.

The chart below is an overview of the graduate programs which are eligible for financial aid.

Graduate Program Federal Aid Programs Alternative Loan Programs
Master of Arts YES YES
Master of Arts in Teaching YES YES
Master of Business Administration YES YES
Master of Education YES YES
Master of Science YES YES
Educator Certification (without a degree)* YES* YES
Specialist Certification (without a degree)* YES* YES
Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) YES YES
Doctor of Education YES YES
Non-degree certificate programs NO*** YES
Institutes and workshops NO*** YES

*Students enrolled in these programs are eligible for federal undergraduate loan limits only ($12,500 per academic year). Undergraduate aggregate loan limits also apply. When identifying loan eligibility for certification programs, all previously borrowed undergraduate loans must be counted and cannot exceed an aggregate total of $57,500 for undergraduate independent students and/or for dependent students whose parents were ineligible for Federal Direct PLUS. More information on aggregate loan limits can be found at

Effective 2012-13 all graduate students may only receive Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans.

**Contact school financial aid office where degree is being earned.

***May be eligible if enrolled at the same time in a degree program.

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