Payment Options

Out-of-Pocket Payments

  • Credit card: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa payments may be made in writing on the registration form or via phone by contacting the Graduate Studies office.
    Please Note: A non-refundable 2.75 percent service charge will be assessed on all credit/debit card transactions. Payments made via e-check will not be assessed a service charge. Contact Student Account Services for more information at (603) 535-2215 or e-mail
  • Check: Payment may be made with a personal check, cashier’s check, or money order. Be sure to include your student ID number on the payment and include it with your registration form. Checks should be made payable to Plymouth State University.
  • Online payment: You may pay your bill online via e-check or credit card by clicking the “Pay Now” button located on your online bill in the myPlymouth portal.

Guaranteed anticipated payments

  • Financial aid: Students must be matriculated (degree-seeking) and taking at least three credits of degree-required coursework to be eligible for financial aid. For more information, visit the Financial Aid Office Web site or call (603) 535-2338 or (877) 846-5755.
  • External (non-Plymouth State) scholarships and awards: If you are receiving an external scholarship or award, you must submit a copy of your award letter to the Student Account Services (Bursar’s Office). The award letter must include your student ID number, the award amount to be paid and for which term, and the awarding organization’s name and address. In order for the award to be considered as an authorized payment on the tuition bill account, it must NOT be contingent upon grades, grade point average, course completion, or any other criteria prior to it being paid to Plymouth State. If contingencies on the award exist, it cannot count as an anticipated payment toward your bill, so you will need to pay this award amount through some other means. If, later on, you meet the required criteria after the term ends and the award payments come in, you can be reimbursed for the overpayment.
  • Purchase orders or government authorizations: If tuition is to be paid by an employer, a government agency, or any such third-party company, you must submit a letter of authorization or a purchase order to the Student Account Services Office from their third-party payer. In order for this type of payment agreement to be considered an authorized payment on the tuition bill account, payment must NOT be contingent upon grades, grade point average, course completion, or any other criteria. Students must make sure their third-party authorization or purchase order (PO) includes their name, student ID number, the maximum billing amount, and the third-party company’s name and address. If students fail to include any of this information, the authorization or PO will not be accepted and they will be required to pay their bill out-of-pocket. If all the necessary information is provided, the Student Account Services Office will invoice the third-party company for the authorized amount. Please note that if the company or agency has a policy to reimburse students for their course(s), students will be responsible for making the tuition payment themselves.
  • Internal scholarships and awards: If you receive internal assistance (e.g., graduate assistantship or mentor teacher waiver), the award letter or waiver form must be submitted to the Graduate Studies office at the time of registration. If you are eligible for a staff tuition waiver, the USNH Tuition Benefit form must be submitted online through WISE at the time of registration.

Visit the Student Account Services (Bursar’s Office) website for additional information about payment options.

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