Michael A. Kopish

Michael KopishMike Kopish
Assistant Professor Social Studies Education
Graduate Program Coordinator for Social Studies Education

Phone: (603) 535-3072
E-mail: makopish@plymouth.edu


Professor Kopish joined the Plymouth State University faculty in the fall of 2011. His areas of specialization for teaching and research include: curriculum and instruction in social studies, professional development through school-university partnerships, mentoring practices for pre-service social studies teachers, and youth civic engagement. A majority of Dr. Kopish’s first year at Plymouth State University focused on the development of a BS in Social Studies Education and MEd in Social Studies Education. During the 2011-2012 school year, Professor Kopish led professional development sessions for Concord High School’s Social Studies Department to develop classroom-based resources for differentiated instruction in inclusive classrooms. Materials from the sessions are available on a wiki page developed and maintained by Dr. Kopish at nhsocialstudieseducation.wikispaces.com.

Degrees and Education
  • PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madision
  • MAT, Coe College
  • BA, Mount Mercy College
Research Interests
  • Teaching and Learning in Advanced Placement Social Studies Courses
  • Professional Development through School-University Partnerships
  • Mentoring Practices for Pre-Service Social Studies Teachers
  • Differentiation and Inclusive Pedagogical Practices
  • Youth Participation and Civic Engagement
  • Diversity in Social Studies Education
Recent Publications
  • Countering the Attacks on Public Education – Policy Influences and Implications for New Hampshire, New Hampshire Council for Social Studies Conference Presentation, 2012
  • Teaching Methods to Explore Trade-offs and Dilemmas of Globalization, National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference Presentation, 2012
  • Co-author of book chapter in Routledge’s Community Development Research and Practice Series, Chapter Title: Youth Organizing for Education and Neighborhood Improvement, 2012
  • University-School-Community Partnerships and Social Network Development: Examining the Professional Development School Context, Co-presenter at the University Council for Educational Administration Conference, 2012
  • Differentiating Instruction in AP Psychology: Research, Instruction, and Exam Achievement, Teaching Challenging Historical Texts: Innovative Literacy Strategies for Diverse Social Studies Learners, New Hampshire Council for Social Studies Conference Presentations, 2011
  • The Influence of Pedagogical Content Knowledge of AP Psychology Teachers’ Instruction, Rethinking Pre-service Teacher Mentoring: PDS or non-PDS?, Developing Resourceful Social Networks Through University-School-Community Collaborations, American Education Research Association Presentations/Conference Papers, 2011
  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge of AP Psychology Teachers, College and University Faculty Assembly of the National Council for the Social Studies Graduate Forum Paper Presentation, 2010
Associations, Boards, and Committees
  • American Education Research Association
  • National Council for the Social Studies
  • College and University Faculty Assembly
  • New Hampshire Council for the Social Studies
  • American Psychological Association
  • Society for the Teaching of Psychology
  • Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools
Courses Taught


  • SSE 2500 Planning, Management, and Organization of the Social Studies Curriculum
  • SSE 3500 Diversity in Social Studies
  • SSE 3010 Theories of Learning and Assessment in Social Studies
  • SSE 4500 Advances in Social Studies Pedagogy and Learning
  • SSE 2510, 3510, 4510 Teaching Lab
  • SSE 4800 Seminar: Student Teachers of Secondary Social Studies


  • SSE 5010 Issues in Social Studies Education
  • SSE 5020 Technology and New Media in Social Studies
  • SSE 5030 Advanced Curriculum Design in Social Studies
  • SSE 5040 Theory and Research in Social Studies
  • SSE 6010 Guided Inquiry in Social Studies

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