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  • Richard D. Paiva Graduate Teaching Lecturer, Counselor Education and School Psychology
  • Eleanor Papazoglou Graduate Teaching Lecturer, Reading and Writing
  • Peter G. Parker Assistant Professor, TESOL, English Immersion Program Director
  • Robyn Parker Dean, College of Business Administration; Professor of Management
  • Edith Patridge Graduate Program Coordinator for Literacy and the Teaching of Writing
  • Daniel Perkins Professor of Music
  • Meg Petersen Professor of English; Director, Plymouth Writing Project; Graduate Program Coordinator for English Education
  • Rik Pfenninger Professor of Music
  • Danielle M. Philipson Graduate Teaching Lecturer, Business
  • Jennifer Pinckney Director of Graduate Business Programs; Graduate Teaching Lecturer, Business
  • Shawn Powers Graduate Teaching Lecturer, Integrated Arts
  • Frederick Prince Professor of Anatomy; Graduate Program Advisor for Biology
  • Nancy Puglisi Research Associate Professor, Counselor Education and School Psychology; Graduate Program Coordinator of Personal and Organizational Wellness and Human Relations

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