Frederick Prince

Frederick Prince
Professor of Anatomy
Graduate Program Advisor for Biology

Phone: (603) 535-2253


Frederick has always been interested in science. Although his published research has centered around topics in cell biology he has kept a strong interest in ecological areas. Frederick’s research has ranged from the histochemistry of muscle fiber types in humans to electron microscopic tomography studies of mitochondria.

Degrees and Education
  • PhD, Ohio University
  • MS, Ohio University
  • BS, Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests
  • Human muscle fiber types and adaptations with exercise
  • Ultrastructure of steroid-producing cells
  • Developmental history of steroid cells in humans
  • Innervation of steroid cells
  • Mitochondrial structure via electron microscopy and electron
  • Microscopic tomography
  • Ultrastructure of the central nervous system
  • Wild brook trout

Recent Publications
  • Invited book chapter: The Human Leydig Cell; Functional Morphology and Developmental History. (2007) in: Contemporary Endocrinology: The Leydig Cell in Health and Disease, Humana Press
  • Prince FP and Buttle KF. Mitochondrial structure in steroid-producing cells: Three-dimensional reconstruction of human Leydig cell mitochondria by electron mcroscopic tomography. Anat Rec (2004); 278A, 454-461
  • Prince FP. Lamellar and tubular associations of the mitochondrial cristae: unique forms of the cristae present in steroid-producing cells. Mitochondrion (2002); 1, 381-389.
  • Prince FP. The triphasic nature of Leydig cell development in humans, and comments on nomenclature. J Endocrinology (2001); 168, 213-216
  • Prince FP. Ultrastructural evidence of indirect and direct autonomic innervation of human Leydig cells: Comparison of neonatalk, childhood and pubertal ages. Cell and Tissue Research (1992); 269, 383-390
  • Prince FP, Hikida RS and Hagerman FC. Human muscle fiber types in power lifters, distance runnrs and untrained subjects. European Journal of Physiology (1976); 363, 19-26.
  • Old Yard Sales of New England, May/June 2011 issue of Gray’s Sporting Journal
  • Reflections on Backwoods Brook Trout Fishing, May/June 2011 New Hampshire Wildlife Journal
  • Voyaging for Northern Pike, May 2012 issue of Fur Fish & Game

Courses Taught
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II
  • Cell Structure and Function
  • Electron Microscopic Techniques
  • Animal Physiology
  • General Biology
  • Histology

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