Joseph Boyer

Joseph BoyerJoseph Boyer
Director of the Center for the Environment
Professor, Environmental Science and Policy

Phone: (603) 535-2926


Dr Boyer joined CFE in 2012 after 18 years at the Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC) at Florida International University in Miami where he served as director. At SERC, he generated more than $18 million in external grants and contracts, was a founding Principal Investigator of the NSF-funded Florida Coastal Everglades LTER, and directed the Water Quality Monitoring Network for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. His most recent NOAA grant focuses on developing research and management goals for their coastal South Florida program. He serves on 12 national and regional scientific advisory boards and has been involved in numerous proposal reviews and selection boards, including five national program reviews and multiple assessments of federal science programs.

Degrees and Education
    • PhD, College of William and Mary
    • BS, American University

Scholarly Publications and Conference Presentations
    • KELBLE, C. R., D. K. LOOMIS, S. LOVELACE, W. K. NUTTLE, P. B. ORTNER, P. FLETCHER, G. S. COOK, J. J. LORENZ, AND J. N. BOYER. 2013 The EBM-DPSER conceptual model: integrating ecosystem services into the DPSIR framework. PLOS One (in press).
    • BRICEÑO, H. O., J. N. BOYER, J. CASTRO, AND P. HARLEM. 2013. Biogeochemical classification of South Florida’s estuarine and coastal waters. Marine Pollution Bulletin (in press).
    • YAMASHITA, Y., R. JAFFÉ, AND J. N. BOYER. 2013. Evaluating the distribution of terrestrial dissolved organic matter in a complex coastal ecosystem using fluorescence spectroscopy. Continental Shelf Research (in press).
    • TROXLER, T. G., M. IKENAGA, L. SCINTO, J. N. BOYER, R. CONDIT, R. PEREZ, G. GANN, AND D. L. CHILDERS. 2012. Patterns of soil bacteria and canopy community structure related to tropical peatland development. Wetlands 32: 769–782.
    • RIVERA-MONROY, V. H., R. R. TWILLEY, S. E. DAVIS III, D. L. CHILDERS, M. SIMARD, R. CHAMBERS, R. JAFFE, J. N. BOYER, D. RUDNICK, K. ZHANG, E. CASTAÑEDA-MOYA, S. EWE, C. CORONADO-MOLINA, M. ROSS, T. J. SMITH III, B. MICHOT, E. MESELHE, W. NUTTLE, T. TROXLER, AND G. B. NOE. 2011. The role of the Everglades mangrove ecotone region (EMER) in regulating nutrient cycling and wetland productivity in South Florida. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 41(S1): 633-669.
    • WACHNICKA, A., E. GAISER, AND J. N. BOYER. 2011. Ecology and distribution of diatoms in Biscayne Bay, Florida (USA): Implications for bioassessment and paleoenvironmental studies. Ecological Indicators 11: 622-632.

Research Interests
      Dr Boyer is experienced in microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of coastal oceans, estuaries, rivers, and groundwater ecosystems. His interests are in both natural and human-induced physical/chemical effects on microbial communities and water quality with specific expertise in bacterial and phytoplankton nutrient cycling processes, ecosystem biogeochemistry, and long-term ecological time series. His recent research involves developing system-wide indicators of ecosystem restoration and the incorporation and valuation of ecosystem services into science, management, and policy thinking.

Awards and Distinctions
      • FIU Excellence in Faculty Scholarship Award (2008
      • Appreciation Award from South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force (2008)
      • Helms Faculty Research Award presented by Sigma Xi (1994)

Associations, Boards, and Committees
        • NH EPSCoR Academic Leadership Advisory Board
        • Global Lakes Environmental Observatory Network (GLEON)
        • White Mountains National Forest Advisory Group
        • Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Technical Advisory Committee (FKNMS)
        • Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative, Technical Advisory Committee (SEFCRI)
        • Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council

Courses Taught
        • Fundamentals of Ecosystem Ecology
        • Biochemistry of Estuaries and Coasts

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