Jason Cordeira

Jason CordeiraJason Cordeira
Assistant Professor, Meteorology

E-mail: j_cordeira@plymouth.edu



Jason Cordeira teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in Meteorology. Prior to joining the faculty at Plymouth State, Jason held a fellowship at the Earth Systems Research Laboratory at NOAA in Boulder, CO and was a research meteorologist for a weather software company, EarthRisk Technologies, in San Diego, CA.

Degrees and Education
    • PhD, MS, SUNY-Albany
    • BS, Plymouth State University

Research Interests
        My research interests cover a broad range of atmospheric phenomena in the area of synoptic-dynamic meteorology with a focus on short-term climate variability and high-impact weather events. They specifically include: Synoptic-dynamic meteorology, extreme and severe weather events, atmospheric rivers and heavy rainfall, tropical cyclones and their interaction with the midlatitude flow, jet stream variability, and the atmospheric general circulation

Scholarly Publications and Conference Presentations
        • Schreck, C. J., J. M. Cordeira, and D. Margolin 2013: Which MJO Events Affect North American Temperatures?, Submitted to Mon. Wea. Rev., Accepted.
        • Cordeira, J. M., F. M. Ralph, and B. J. Moore, 2013: The development and evolution of two atmospheric rivers in proximity to western North Pacific tropical cyclones in October 2010. Submitted to Mon. Wea. Rev., Accepted.
        • Archambault, H. M., L. F. Bosart, D. Keyser, and J. M. Cordeira, 2013: A climatological analysis of the extratropical flow response to recurving western North Pacific tropical cyclones. Mon. Wea. Rev., accepted.
        • Neiman, P. J., F. M. Ralph, B. J. Moore, M. Hughes, K. Mahoney, J. M. Cordeira, and M. D. Dettinger, 2012: The landfall and inland penetration of a flood-producing atmospheric river in Arizona. Part 1: Observed synoptic-scale, orographic, and hydrometeorological characteristics. J. Hydromet., 14, 460–484.
        • Bosart, L. F., J. M. Cordeira, T. J. Galarneau, Jr., B. J. Moore, and H. M. Archambault, 2012: An Analysis of Multiple Predecessor Rain Events Ahead of Tropical Cyclones Ike and Lowell: 10-15 September 2008. Mon. Wea. Rev., 140, 1081–1107.
        • Evans, C., and Co-authors, 2012: The PRE-Depression Investigation of Cloud-systems in the Tropics (PREDICT) field campaign: Perspectives of early career scientists. Bull. Amer. Soc., 93, 173–187.
        • Cordeira, J. M. and L. F. Bosart, 2011: Cyclone interactions and evolutions during the “Perfect Storms” of late October and early November 1991. Mon. Wea. Rev., 139, 1683–1707.
        • Cordeira, J. M. and L. F. Bosart, 2010: The antecedent large-scale conditions of the “Perfect Storms” of late October and early November 1991. Mon. Wea. Rev., 138, 2546–2569.
        • Bosart, L. F., T. J. Galarneau, Jr., J. M. Cordeira, and B. J. Moore, 2010: Extreme rainstorms in advance of tropical cyclones. Conference Notebook, Bull. Amer. Soc., 91, 854–856.
        • Jones, S. C., and co-authors, 2010: New research and field experiments in extratropical transition. Seventh International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones. La Réunion, FR, WMO/WWRP (Available online at http://www.cawcr.gov.au/projects/iwtc/documentation/ 2_4.pdf).
        • Cordeira, J. M. and N. F. Laird, 2008: The influence of ice cover on two lake-effect snow events over Lake Erie. Mon. Wea. Rev., 136, 2747–2763.

Awards and Distinctions
          • National Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellow: Water Cycle Branch, NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Divison, 2011-2012
          • The Bernard Vonnegut Teaching Award, 2011, Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences at University at Albany, Albany NY

Associations, Boards, and Committees
            • Science Advisory Board, EarthRisk Technologies, Inc (2013-present)
            • American Meteorological Society Energy Committee (2012-present)

Courses Taught
            • MT 5400 Numerical Weather Predication
            • MT 5480 Mesoscale Meteorology

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