Graduate Student Senate Representative Seat Available

PSU’s Student Senate is seeking a graduate student representative to serve as a student senator and represent graduate students’ interests. Responsibilities include attendance at the weekly Sunday night Senate meeting, one office hour per week, and participation on one of the following senate internal committees: Finance Committee, Judicial Committee, Student Life Committee, or Communications Committee.

This senate seat offers the graduate student population a voice in how student activity fees are distributed, which mountain is awarded the annual ski package, and the ability to work with campaigning politicians who visit campus. In addition, all senators may author and lobby to pass legislation that will enhance the experience their constituents have while working toward their degree at PSU.

What sort of time commitment is required?

An average of three to six hours per week. This includes the weekly Sunday night Senate meeting, as well as serving as the student representative to the Graduate Faculty, and on one of four internal senate core committees (e.g., Finance or Judicial Committee).

How can I run for the Graduate Student Representative on Student Senate?

If you would like more information about running for this position, please contact Bryan Funk, Student Body President, or Sam Wisel, Student Body Vice-President.


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