Graduate Student Payment Plans

Plymouth State University and the Bursar’s Office are pleased to present new tuition payment plans for graduate students. PSU has contracted with Tuition Management Services (TMS) to offer graduate students who are pursuing a degree or certificate program the ability to divide tuition payments into two or three payments over the duration of a term.

Key Features and Information:

  • Payment plans are interest free.
  • An enrollment fee of $26 is required per plan.
  • Term plan payments can be spread over two or three months.
  • Automatic withdrawal and payment timing options
    • Payment can be automatically withdrawn from your savings or checking account.
    • You select the 1st or the 10th of the month for your automatic withdrawals.
    • PSU will monitor your tuition bill account and adjust your payment plan amounts to ensure you don’t overpay or underpay.

For additional information visit the Bursar’s Office Web site or call (603) 535-2215.


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  1. locatoni says:

    what is the must plan before getting graduate school ?

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