TIGER in Egypt

TIGER in EgyptIn March 2010, Tara Holmes traveled to Egypt with Dr. Trish Lindberg and the TIGER (Theater Integrating Guidance, Education, and Responsibility) group. In a global journey to support the arts, the New Hampshire-based performers and educators sought to demonstrate to teachers, staff, and students how discussing challenging social issues with children can be transformed by introducing different art forms into the conversation.

Tara HolmesThe group had the opportunity to explore the pyramids, museums, and even Asia for a day. They performed in several international schools, as well as at an Egyptian museum and the Swiss Embassy. Independently of the main TIGER show, Tara choreographed and performed a dance while a cast member sang. The children were excited; Tara reports taking some great pictures of the students watching the performance with amazed looks on their faces. The Egyptian educators, too, Tara writes, “enjoyed seeing a skit discussing respect, kindness, and taking action in society.” Of her experiences with her fellow travelers, Tara says that “it was a pleasure working with such talented and energetic people at TIGER.”

TIGER in EgyptCurrently, Tara is pursuing her Master of Education degree with a focus in Integrated Arts and expects to complete her program in January 2011. She graduated from Roger Williams University in May 2009 with a dual degree in dance performance studies and secondary education. Tara has always wanted to combine her passions of dance and education, and she now has that opportunity through the Integrated Arts program. She enjoys working with students of all ages and is currently an adjunct dance professor at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH, where she also works as the afternoon school teacher at the college’s Windy Hill School.

TIGER in EgyptPhotos courtesy of Colleen Rowland, Richard Moses, and Tara Holmes


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  1. Rebecca McCuin says:

    Congratulations on a very exciting trip to Egypt! It is great to integrate the arts into every event possible. It makes a huge difference in making lessons memorable and involving as much of the body and emotions as possible. Good luck with your future. It will be bright! Joyfully, Rebecca McCuin
    P.S. I love TIGER!

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