The Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy

Northern New England provides a natural field laboratory for students, providing opportunities for collaborative, environmentally-focused research. Through partnerships with regional scientists, agencies, and PSU faculty, students gain the skills, experience, and professional contacts necessary to succeed.

The Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy is a field-based program administered in partnership with Plymouth State University’s Center for the Environment. Focused on applied environmental science, policy, and science translation, the degree’s unique design offers a flexible structure and a program of study which can be tailored to meet the needs of students with various career plans.

Working closely with an advisor, students may choose a thesis or non-thesis option to be completed on a full- or part-time basis. Most courses are offered one day per week in the late afternoon or early evening to accommodate the working professional’s schedule.

Research opportunities abound, and most full-time students are funded with a research assistantship and paid tuition. Whether working with faculty on projects and grants, collaborating with fellow students on thesis research, or completing internships at organizations throughout the state, students are encouraged to integrate academics with professional goals.

Current research topics and projects include:

  • Watershed best-management practices
  • Nutrient loading to rivers and lakes
  • Impact of acid rain in New England lakes
  • Using GIS to assess impervious surfaces
  • Public opinion about environmental and natural resource issues
  • Changing hydrology of the Northeast
  • Performance and operation of community-based natural resource conservation programs
  • Mitigation methods for milfoil
  • Reduction of road salt impacts

Students are prepared for careers in agencies, government, non-profit organizations, and consulting firms or for furthering their education. Recently, students were offered the following professional and educational opportunities:

As environmental issues continue to move to the forefront of both political and socio-economic agendas, it is imperative that professionals be equipped with tools to analyze, create, and communicate effective, environmentally-conscious solutions. The Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy program specializes in providing graduate students with the training and skills necessary to excel in their field of study.

For additional information about the Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy, visit the Center for the Environment Web site or contact Betsy Ayotte at (603) 535-3346. Tri-annual newsletters are also published by the Center for the Environment.


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