Students' Campus Printing Options Each year, approximately 12 percent of PSU’s student, staff, and faculty community regularly exceed their 400-page print quota. About half of those users exceed their quota by more than 500 pages. To increase awareness regarding printing and to help eliminate wasteful printing, PSU’s Information Technology department, the President’s Commission on Environmental Sustainability, and the Student Senate worked together on the Pay-2-Print initiative.

Students, faculty, and staff now have access to a $20 print quota, the monetary equivalent of the former 400-page quota. Black and white printing is deducted from the print quota at a rate of five cents per page; color printing is seven cents per page.

Pay-2-Print is only being implemented in clusters and classrooms and does not apply to print jobs sent to printers located in administrative and academic offices.

Contact the ITS Help Desk at (603) 535-2929 for questions about this new program or to add funds to your print quota.


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