2010 Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award

PSU’s graduate community is invited to participate in the selection of the 2010 Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award recipient. Annually, we select one faculty member from the graduate programs to be honored with the award at Graduate Commencement.

Current full-time or adjunct graduate faculty who have served PSU for a minimum of five years are eligible for nomination. The following faculty have previously received this honor and are ineligible for nomination: Gail Mears (MEd/CAGS), Marcel Lebrun (MEd), Gary Goodnough (MEd/CAGS), Meg Petersen (MEd), William Benoit (MBA), Marianne True (MEd/CAGS), Colleen Brickley (MBA), Michael Fischler (MEd), Duncan McDougall (MBA), Julie Bernier (MEd), Warren Mason (MBA), Mary McNeil (CAGS), David Kent (MBA), and L. Michael Couvillion (MBA).

Please complete the online nomination form or e-mail your nomination letter to Beth Beaulieu.


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