Arts in Education Summer Institute

Tell us about this year’s Arts in Education Summer Institute.

This year’s institute will focus on Making Arts Integration Second Nature. We will explore how the arts and outdoor learning activities can facilitate authentic assessments, creative and critical thinking, and the development of a caring community where each child develops a strong sense of place and stewardship for the Earth.

Guest instructors and participants include:

How does the AIE prepare educators to incorporate the arts in the curriculum?

Based on the award winning Integrated Instructional Model, participants will explore and experience how the languages of visual art, drama, movement, music, and creative writing can become the languages of success and engagement for learners of all grades and capabilities. The AIE is designed to help teachers re-discover personal creative spirit and to develop a toolbox of successful differentiated instructional methods and interdisciplinary arts-infused activities, community building strategies, and environmental education, all linked to critical skills and state standards.

How have graduate students integrated the AIE experience in their workplaces?

Participants are allowed to self-design their final projects to be immediately applicable to their work experience. Past participants have utilized ideas from the week to enrich a unit of study that was relatively less developed, started collaborative projects with their team and specialist teachers, compiled and utilized community building activities for their classrooms, and completed a myriad of meaningful endeavors.

Are there additional stories or accounts that you would like to share?

Year after year, we welcome educators from a wide variety of backgrounds, including elementary, middle, high school, and special education teachers; administrators; and doctoral students. The week inspires and awakens participants. We have teachers tell us time and time again about how they didn’t realize they were artists (some were brought to tears) and they forgot that teaching and learning could be this much fun. For the past several years, we have been blessed with the presence of Pakistani guests participating in the Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute. These experiences are transformational, as we work through the international language of music to share our love of education and the arts with guest drummers. Participants consistently provide positive feedback about the numerous ideas, friendships, and professional networks that they walk away with.

For more information, please contact Dr. Cynthia Vascak, art education program coordinator; director, Arts in Education Summer Institute at (603) 535-2649.


2 responses to “Arts in Education Summer Institute”

  1. Maureen Caouette says:

    Hi, I am interested in any information regarding any doctoral programs you may know of in the New England region that focus on arts in education. I hold a BFA, MEd and a CAGS and currently teach visual arts and arts education both in middle school and at the graduate level. Thank you, Maureen Caouette

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Maureen,
    Here at PSU we offer a MAT (Master’s of Arts in Teaching) in Art Education that you may be interested in. Find out more here:
    Please let us know if we you need any further assistance! Cheers! ajb

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