Introducing Jillian Mulloy: Your Graduate Student Senate Representative

Jillian is starting her second course in the Master of Business Administration program with a concentration in International Business. In addition to her involvement on the Student Senate, she observes the monthly Graduate Faculty meetings, plays trumpet in the Plymouth State Symphonic band, sings in the Pemi Choral Society, and is the volunteer chair for the Pemi Valley Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

As the graduate representative to the student senate, Jillian acts as the voice of the graduate student community at Plymouth State. Jillian is also the graduate student observer to the Graduate Faculty—which is comprised of graduate program coordinators, faculty, and administrators—and drives all graduate curriculum and policy decisions.

One initiative Jillian is interested in is the upcoming review of the University’s online learning management system (currently Blackboard). Student Senate representatives are serving on a committee that has been tasked with reviewing online learning system options to make a decision about where Plymouth State should head next.

Jillian asks:

  • What do you want to see from an online learning system?
  • Do you think the same contract should be renewed?
  • What’s the best way to engage graduate students in this discussion?

This is a decision that will impact you as a learner, so let Jillian know what you think.

Additionally, Student Senate has been working on finalizing the ski package with Cannon Mountain, setting up voting for the vacant USNH Trustee position, planning Ski Day events, distributing funding for campus groups, and providing student input on various university committees.

Jillian wants to hear from you! What are your thoughts about your courses, Blackboard, available graduate student resources, communications from the College of Graduate Studies, or anything else relating to your Plymouth State experience? Let her know so your voices can be heard!


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