Once you register for your first course or have been officially admitted, your myPlymouth account will be created within 36 hours. Your myPlymouth account is a valuable resource and your best source for campus information and communication. The myPlymouth website is a highly integrated environment and your gateway to nearly all of PSU’s online services. You can use myPlymouth to:

  • Read official Plymouth State email
  • Register online for classes
  • Review course schedules and check availability
  • Access financial aid information
  • Use online library resources
  • Participate in online courses
  • View your grades
  • Read course descriptions
  • Review your financial and student account records
  • Access program evaluations
  • Check on account holds
  • Print unofficial transcripts

To obtain your user name and password, visit the myPlymouth log in page.

  1. Click on “What’s my user name?” Follow the instructions to determine your user name.
  2. Click on “What’s my password?” for instructions to obtain your password.

Regular access to your PSU myPlymouth account is necessary to receive important course information from the administration and faculty.

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