It’s important to select an accredited institution for your graduate education. Accreditation ensures that degree-granting colleges and universities meet stringent guidelines set by national accrediting bodies. Colleges and universities are periodically assessed to guarantee that a high-level of quality is maintained and that sound academic standards are upheld. A college or university’s eligibility to participate in federal and state financial aid programs is also dependent on accreditation.

As an institution, Plymouth State University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), a nationally recognized, non-governmental organization whose mission is to evaluate the quality and integrity of educational programs. NEASC-accredited institutions such as Plymouth State provide educational experiences that can be transferred to any other accredited college or university in the nation. Plymouth State University is also approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education and the New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission.

Specific program accreditations include:

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