What Does Plymouth Magazine Mean to You?

March, 2014

Since the first issue of Plymouth Magazine landed in readers’ mailboxes in 1996 (back when it was called Plymouth State Update), it has made its way into the hands and hearts of tens of thousands of alumni, students, families, friends, faculty, and staff across the generations and around the world.

The magazine is a link back to campus, a trigger for a memory, an experience, or a relationship. It communicates the University’s vision and goals, connects alumni with the University and each other, and showcases the important contributions that our students, faculty, and alumni make in their respective communities.

Two recent notes from alumnae illustrate this.

Photo of Madeleine Goebel from the 1934 PNS yearbook.

Madeleine Goebel ’34, a Plymouth Normal School graduate who taught in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, wrote: “I very much appreciate your still sending me the Plymouth Magazine. I read every word and think you are doing a fine job … My three years at Plymouth were cost-free except for board because we were in a Depression. Now things are depressed again but our children are borrowing so much money for college that it will take years to pay back. Very sad! I taught forty years and in one more year I will have been retired forty years. I think Plymouth Normal was a great school. I bet you don’t get many letters from ninety-nine year old graduates … Your efforts are appreciated!”


Bich Tran at home in Vietnam, with reminders of Plymouth State.

When Bich Tran ’08G received the Summer 2013 issue of Plymouth Magazine at her home 8,000 miles away in Da Nang City, Vietnam, she was instantly reminded of campus. “All the memories and my experiences as a PSU student come back so clear and warm as soon as I touch it,” she says. “I am happy to read the articles and catch up with news and achievements other PSU alumni have gained. I always can go online and read and listen and watch PSU, but the feeling of having the physical magazine in my hand is so amazing.”

We’d love to hear from more alumni about what Plymouth Magazine means to you. Send us a note and a photo of you with your copy to alumni@plymouth.edu and we may share your story in an upcoming issue.



  1. This electronic version is wonderful! Very well laid out and pleasing to the eye. A great leap forward. If you can opt me out of the paper version, please do. Congrats to the team who made it happen!

  2. How can I subscribe to the PSU magazine for my mother who is an alum?

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