Moving from Strength to Strength

October, 2004

8-126The 2004 Plymouth State University annual report is unique: it covers our first full year as a university, and records the achievements of a great institution—a Plymouth State that is stronger than ever before.

When I ask members of our PSU family how they have been able to accomplish so much, their answer is invariably the same: “We work hard, we work well together, we love what we do and we’re very proud of Plymouth State.” That widespread attitude is responsible for this list of accomplishments for the past year: Read More

From the Editor

October, 2004

In the Summer 2004 edition of Plymouth Magazine, we incorrectly stated on page 21 that Associate Professor of English Joseph Monninger had received a Fulbright fellowship. Monninger was an alternate for the award. On page 39, the photo of the production of Pump Boys and Dinettes should have been credited to PSU student Andrew Mannone. Plymouth Magazine regrets the errors. Read More

Provost’s Report: Improving Our Learning Community

October, 2004

by Virginia Barry, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Students Kristin Cummings (left) and Diana Chisholm (right) make use of the new Boyd Science Center facilities to study biology.  Photo by Alan MacRae.

Students Kristin Cummings (left) and Diana Chisholm (right) make use of the new Boyd Science Center facilities to study biology. Photo by Alan MacRae.

This past year Plymouth State University has been quite busy making changes focused on student success. Countless efforts have been made to help improve our learning community. In President Wharton’s message, he identified a number of activities from this past year that serve to validate our important work and the acknowledgment we received from accrediting groups regarding our willingness to listen to our students about their perceptions on learning. The information we learned from students participating in the National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE) is helping us to develop curriculum that promotes learning and success for every first-year student and focuses on content and academic skill building, higher order cognitive skill development, psychosocial development and persistence in completing a program of study leading to a degree. Additionally, the NSSE data was the basis for a successful grant proposal to the Davis Foundation. Read More

2004 Distinguished Teacher: David Zehr

October, 2004

When Professor of Psychology David Zehr received the 2004 Distinguished Teaching Award, the official citation read, in part, “You demonstrate respect for your students as individuals; you inspire enthusiasm for the field of psychology; you are devoted to the craft of teaching; and … you have so selflessly engaged in the goals of this institution… you accomplish all of this with your characteristic humility and good humor.” Read More

Graduate Distinguished Teachers

October, 2004

Receiving the 2004 Graduate Distinguished Teaching award for the M.Ed. program was Professor of Education Michael Fischler, who also directs the PSU Counseling and Human Relations Center. Fischler’s citation noted: “You are engaging and uncompromising in your approach to opening the minds of your students to a deeper reality, you bring passion to each and every class, you use a variety of methods to reach the different kinds of learners in your classroom.” Fischler also contributes to the community through his work with First Star Tonight, which provides a “wish” to children with chronic illnesses. Read More

Faculty/Staff Accomplishments

October, 2004

Liz Ahl (English) moderated a roundtable on chapbooks at the 2004 Associated Writing Program’s annual conference in Chicago. Her poems appear in recent issues of Clackamas Literary Review and River Styx. Read More

Thanks to You, We’re Almost There!

October, 2004

by Angela Matthews, Director of Development

8-131Research in fund raising tells us the number one reason individuals give is because someone asked them. That is confirmed at Plymouth State University by the fundraising volunteers for the Expanding Our Reach campaign. “When we got started with the President’s Council in 2001 I couldn’t have predicted the outcome,” said Wally Stevens ’62, council chair. “We knew there was untapped potential and we were ready to ask.” Read More

Annual Budget and Finance Report

October, 2004

by William R. Crangle, Vice President for Financial Affairs

8-132Plymouth State University is financially healthy. We have had small surpluses every year except two in the last eight years. We have a small operating reserve, and enrollments are at an all-time high. The changes we have made over the past years have improved retention and average class size, reduced operating costs, and in most areas improved net revenue. However good that news is, we continue to face challenges that create a tight budget and require continued planning to assure that we are funding the critical aspects of the institution to secure our future. The following is a review of the FY (Fiscal Year) 05 budget and our general fiscal health. Read More

Annual Fund Summary of Private Gifts

October, 2004

July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004 Read More

Heritage Society

October, 2004

In addition to current gifts and pledges, Plymouth State University was made aware of the planned giving intentions of a number of alumni and friends, who have become members of the PSU Heritage Society, those who have named Plymouth State University as a beneficiary of life insurance, included PSU in a bequest or named the University as a beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust. We are very grateful to the following members of the Heritage Society (an asterisk [*] indicates a new member): Read More