Dubino Named Diversity Scholar

October, 2004

Jeanne Dubino, associate professor of English, has been appointed this year’s Diversity Scholar. PSU is going through an exciting period of change, and part of that change includes making its curriculum and programming more diverse.

“The root of university, universus, means entire; a true university attempts to include reflection and study of the whole range of humanity. Recognizing the diversity of our world presents many opportunities for PSU to become a better, and more diverse, university,” Dubino said.

Professor Dubino is a resource for faculty as they revise existing courses or develop new ones in multiculturalism, particularly courses designed to satisfy criteria in diversity and globalism for the new general education program. In addition, she will act as a consultant to the Council of Teacher Education. Other responsibilities include collaborating with Professors Robert Fitzpatrick and Richard Hunnewell, fellows of the Frost Faculty Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence, and directors of the Foundations of Excellence project and Project LAUNCH grant. Finally Professor Dubino will set up programs, workshops and events for faculty, students and staff in an effort to promote diversity.—MLS

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