Outstanding in Their Field

January, 2006

HageWheelerThe National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Region 1 recognized two PSU administrators for their exceptional work with students. Vice President for Student Affairs Dick Hage (on right in photo) received the Scott Goodnight Award for Outstanding Performance as a Dean or Vice President. This award recognizes demonstrated, sustained professional service in student affairs work, high-level competency in administrative skills, innovative response in meeting students’ varied and emerging needs, effectiveness in developing junior staff members, and leadership in community and university affairs, as well as the support of students, faculty and fellow administrators on campus and contributions to the field through publications or professional involvement. The committee making the award noted, “It was very clear to the committee from the nomination materials submitted that you have demonstrated a strong commitment to students and the profession of student affairs, as well as making a significant contribution to programming at Plymouth State University that promotes learning and development.”

Residence Hall Director Paul Wheeler (on left in photo) received the Outstanding Mid-Level Student Affairs Professional Award for NASPA Region I. This award goes to a student affairs professional who demonstrates an outstanding commitment to the profession and contributes to programs that address the needs of students. The recipient must be experienced in creating campus environments that promote student learning and personal development.—Marcia L. Santore

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