Steve Barba Named Among State’s Top Newsmakers

March, 2007

Barba’s lifelong passions for golf and the Balsams began when he was a young caddy (far left). Photo courtesy of Steve Barba

Steve Barba, Plymouth State University’s executive director of university relations, was recently named one of the state’s top 25 newsmakers bye Exchange, New Hampshire Public Radio’s daily call-in program, as part of its “25 in 25” series.
“The Exchange’s 25 in 25 series is a vehicle for NHPR to celebrate its 25th birthday through some of the key people who’ve shaped our state over the past quarter century,” said show host Laura Knoy, whose interview with Barba aired on March 21. “We selected the 25 through a tough process of listener contributions, a special committee here at the station, and our own research.”

Over the years, Barba’s name has become synonymous with tourism in New Hampshire. He worked at The  Balsams Grand Resort Hotel in Dixville Notch—one of New England’s oldest and most prestigious resorts—in a variety of capacities for 48 years, from his start as a caddy at age 13 to his 35-year career as president and managing partner. Under his leadership, The Balsams thrived.
“Steve Barba was selected because of his long involvement with New Hampshire tourism and his embodiment of New Hampshire hospitality,” Knoy said. “He’s also widely recognized as someone who looks out for the broader interests of the Granite State, serving in a number of capacities on a number of issues outside his profession.”
From 1972 to 2004, along with his Dixville Notch neighbors, Barba participated in every presidential primary and election as one of the first-in-the-nation midnight voters, an American tradition.

Barba, right, at the LangdonWoods Residence Hall grand opening October 2006 with PSU senior Jeremy Foskitt and New Hampshire District I Executive Councilor Raymond S. Burton. Chappell Studio photo.

Upon his retirement in 2005, Barba accepted a senior cabinet post with PSU as executive director of university relations. “I’ve been privileged to have only two jobs in my life,” Barba said. “One for 48 years at The Balsams, a historic destination resort, and the other at Plymouth State University, a history-making university.”—Bruce Lyndes

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