Reflections on Still Waters

October, 2005

11-214Assistant Professor of Education Marcel LeBrun’s new book, Reflections on Still Waters: Celebrating Gay Men’s Lives and Experiences (PublishAmerica, 2005), is “a series of stories told from the hearts of men ranging in age from 19 to 80 years old.” The book is divided into five sections, by time of life, working backward from “The Golden Years” to adolescence. Each of the 33 gay men represented in the book—most of whom hail from New England—tell their own stories of coming out, relationships, adventures, successes, challenges, sorrows and victories. The stories are interspersed with LeBrun’s perspective and conclusions.

A Win-Win-Win Situation

October, 2005

Professional Development School partnerships are benefiting everybody. Read More

Pythons, Chinchillas, Coati-Oh My!

October, 2005

by Kathy Henderson ’99

11-221Derek Small ’95 takes his wildlife on the road. Wildlife Encounters, LLC is not only a mobile zoo, it’s a traveling science class, and Small’s enthusiastic students range from preschoolers to senior citizens. For the last four years, he has traveled thousands of miles throughout northern New England, taking his wiggling, hopping, creeping, crawling educational opportunity with him. Read More

Decisions, Decisions

October, 2005

How do you decide when you don’t know what to decide? The new College of University Studies is helping

by Kristin Proulx Jarvis

11-215Bob Fitzpatrick, PSU’s Dean of the Academic Experience, has spent a good part of his summer on the phone. During these hours of telephone calls, he has discussed classes, majors, jobs and schedules with first-year students. He has personally helped students get into the classes they want for the fall semester, and he has encouraged students to examine their strengths and interests in the warm months before they move into their dorm rooms. Read More

When Life Changes—Living With ALS

October, 2005

by Jane E. Babin, J.D.

On April 13, 2005, Professor of Business Jane E. Babin said goodbye to the Plymouth State University campus after 16 years of teaching. The following was adapted from her speech. Read More

How to Succeed in Business—Even if You’re Not a Business Major

October, 2005

by Kristin Proulx Jarvis

11-219Business Professor David Leuser knows that for recent college graduates, the first full-time job is both a milestone and a great transition. Adjusting to the world of work, a world which sometimes seems unfair and hard to navigate, can be a college grad’s biggest challenge. Read More

Dream Big, Focus Small

October, 2005

The Robin Roberts formula for success

by Michele Barney Hutchins

11-217“Do I know my audience or what?” Robin Roberts, co-anchor for ABCNEWS’ Good Morning America, exclaimed, reacting to the rousing cheers coming from the nearly 700 Plymouth State University graduates. As the 2005 commencement speaker she had just announced she didn’t have a written speech or prepared remarks, and couldn’t even remember who her commencement speaker was. Read More

Distinguished Teachers

October, 2005

2005 Graduate Distinguished Teacher for MBA: Colleen Brickley

brickleyColleen Brickley was named Graduate Distinguished Teacher for PSU’s Master of Business Administration program for 2005. Says Professor Daniel P. Moore, chair of the business department, “Colleen is amazing in her ability to present concepts. … Regardless of a student’s learning style, Colleen can and does teach to them.” Read More

Panther Sports

October, 2005

PSU Lacrosse Teams Are Anything but Lax

by Kent Cherrington

11-212Plymouth State has enjoyed varied amounts of success in men’s and women’s lacrosse dating back to the 1970s. So it was exciting in May 2005 when both Panther lacrosse teams played in the championship game of ECAC New England Tournaments on the same afternoon, just a couple of hundred miles apart. Read More

Following La Ruta de Don Quixote

October, 2005

by Jessica Dunn

Una Introducción

by Barbara Lopez-Mahew, associate professor of Spanish and chair of the foreign language department.

11-2162005 marks the 400th anniversary of the first publication (1605) of Part One of Miguel de Cervantes’ novel Don Quixote de la Mancha. Read More