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Why Mentorship at PSU? Q&A with President Donald Birx and Provost Robin Dorff

Plymouth Magazine recently sat down with the president and provost to discuss the role of mentorship at Plymouth State. Plymouth Magazine: What makes the Plymouth...

Nov 08, 2018

Bringing Education to Life: Utilizing the Standardized Patient at PSU

The value of real-time learning for students in health care professions such as nursing, counseling, and physical therapy is in applying classroom knowledge and refining...

Nov 08, 2018


Five who are making a difference Lourdes Avilés Research is emphasized in her field, and she advises both undergraduate and graduate students. “I have grown...

Nov 08, 2018

PSUnite: Mentorship for the Twenty-First Century

PSUnite is a new, multifaceted initiative that is helping first-year students find their niche and avail themselves of all that Plymouth State has to offer. It capitalizes...

Nov 07, 2018