Some More History

October, 2005

Enjoyed reading your excellent publication. In reference to your comment about African students at PSC question from Sam Smith, Plymouth Magazine Spring 2005]—when I was dean of instruction and director of graduate studies (1958-63), there was a Nigerian graduate student whom I counseled. I have no record of his name but in reflection it was probably in the winter of 1962 or 1963. … I do not recall him finishing the master’s degree—he had a hard time breathing in the steam heat of Mary Lyon Hall. Keep up the excellent work in the Plymouth Magazine.

Richard Seltzer, Ed.D.
West Roxbury, Mass.

We also got a telephone call from Gene Savage ’58 who remembers Sam Smith at Plymouth State in the mid-1950s. Gene tells us that Sam was a Dartmouth graduate and was one of the first, and possibly the first, African American graduate student.

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