Letters to the Editor

October, 2007

Memories of Karl Drerupbook to the editor

I enjoyed the article “Karl Drerup: An American Master Returns Home (Spring 2007).” It brought back many memories of those hours spent in the Arts and Crafts Lab in the basement of Rounds Hall. We were so lucky to have learned from Karl Drerup. I never realized as a student how fortunate we were to study under his brilliance.

The article mentioned that in 1961 he was one of eight craftsmen chosen by the Brooklyn Museum of Art as a Master of Contemporary American Crafts. At that time I was living and teaching in Connecticut. I was fortunate enough to visit the Brooklyn Museum of Art and saw that exhibit with Nina Savitch ’58 and the late Carol Smith Cuttitta ’58. It was a magnificent show of his talent.

Ellie Savage Yoder ’56

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