Familiar Faces

October, 2008

familiar_faces1Can you identify any of the people in the photo to the left? Hint: Click on the image for a larger representation.

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In the Last Issue of Familiar Faces

Familiar faces 2Kevin Cooke ’77 wrote in with his best guess as to who was pictured in the Familiar Faces photo from our Spring 2008 issue:

I may have taken the photograph in question. I can’t for the life of me remember the names of the people in the picture but I am sure of the time frame. I was Student Body President in ’75-’76 and also served as the official college photographer during that time (out of the admissions office). The kids in the photo were all involved with The Clock, student government, or the WPSC radio station. My best bet is that it was move-in time in 1975.

Familiar faces 3Another photographer who may have taken the picture is Gil Talbot. Not sure of his grad year, but he took lots of pictures and hung out with the people in the photo.

Editor’s note: Gil Talbot, a member of the Class of 1976, is still taking pictures. Coincidentally, we featured one of Gil’s more recent pictures – of PSU skier Melissa Caflisch ’08 racing down a slope (left) – on the back cover of the Fall 2008 Plymouth Magazine.

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