Long Memories Wanted

March, 2005

My purpose in writing is to congratulate you and your staff on the production of a readable, informative and bright magazine. The articles bring back memories of my year at Plymouth and old friends and alumni. Oh yes, we did live and work in the state for almost 40 years after graduation. Never did get that M.Ed.

In another direction! Is there any way for an intern to ascertain who or when the first student of African or American Indian ethnicity attended the college?

Samuel W. Smith ’55G
Las Vegas, Nev.

In our Summer 2003 issue of Plymouth Magazine in the article “Going First” we introduced Ted Parker ’60, who was the first male African American student at Plymouth. He mentioned Rachel Millard as the first female African American student. He also noted that there were a number of students from Africa here during his time. Unfortunately, PSU no longer has records of who the first African or the first Native American students at Plymouth were. If we have any readers who can help us out on these points, we’d love to hear from you.—Editor

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