Letters to the Editor

May, 2008

To the Editor

Let me compliment you on your excellent publication. I have enjoyed reading all the articles and alumni information in the Fall 2007 issue.

I was particularly drawn to Caitlin Stevens’ article “The Day Mrs. Kennedy Came to Town.” Back then, I was dean of instruction and Dr. Hyde had asked me to introduce Rose Kennedy to the assembly. I was honored to do so. Visiting with Mrs. Kennedy before her address, we talked about Washington, D.C. (I was born there) and she graciously invited me to visit “John” in the White House.

So came the time to introduce Rose Kennedy to the audience. Everyone was in awe of her presence and eagerly awaited her remarks. She began, “It is a pleasure to be here with you in Plymouth, Vermont.” Silence fell over the audience like the quiet in old Lamson Library.
After a long pause, she went on with her comments and was respectfully received.

It was a big day for Plymouth, New Hampshire!

Richard W. Seltzer, Ed.D.
Former Dean of Instruction 1958–63

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