President’s Commission on Diversity

June, 2004

We are writing to commend Plymouth Magazine for printing the thoughtful article by Dr. Kylo-Patrick Hart on the representation of gay men in contemporary American television [Summer 2003]. The President’s Commission on Diversity supports our University’s commitment to equity and inclusiveness for all people, and this article highlights the lingering stereotypes that contribute to homophobia, not only in the popular media, but in our broader American society as well. We hope that members of our wider school community will share ideas from this article with their families and friends in order to encourage discussion about gay and lesbian concerns. Some may have been uncomfortable with the photograph of two men kissing that ran with the article; those who wish to explore the causes of their discomfort, and consider how their attitudes might be a derivative of and contribute to a larger culture of heterosexism, may contact The President’s Commission on Diversity via our Web site at for more information on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues and programs on campus. PSU supports its LGBT faculty, staff, students and alums, and supports scholarship related to LGBT issues. We thank the magazine for bringing Dr. Hart’s work to us.
Dr. Robin DeRosa, Chair
The President’s Commission on Diversity
Plymouth State University

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