From the Editor

October, 2004

I’ve discovered that some issues of Plymouth Magazine take on a life of their own—this has been one of those issues. While we never intend to have one theme for a specific issue, if we had one this time it would be: students. It has been a particular pleasure to me to be able to include several feature stories written by students.

In our cover story, “Firefighter,” Bobbi Jo Adams reflects on her service to the Plymouth community as a volunteer firefighter. (Full disclosure: When Bobbi Jo turned her story in to me last summer, I had no idea how personally relevant it would become; she was among the firefighters who saved my house in October.)

Sabrina Blanco gives us another first-person narrative about the interesting discovery she made while participating in an archeological dig in Concord, N.H. Sabrina also wrote “Konnichiwa, Japan!” about another PSU student, Dan Moler, who spent a year studying in Japan.

Other articles show students from our education department, who have brought the philosophy behind Plymouth State’s Global Mosaic to Lin-Wood Elementary School in Lincoln, N.H.; music and theatre students having an eye-opening trip to South Africa; and a PSU art history major’s highly selective internship at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

I am also pleased to announce the Plymouth Magazine Web site at From this site, you can see the latest edition of the magazine or archived copies of previous issues, update your mailing information or send us a letter to the editor. We will also have the opportunity to run longer versions of our magazine stories, such as “My First Excavation” by Sabrina Blanco.

I invite your responses to both the magazine and the Web site.

Marcia L. Santore, Editor

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